Investigating Science & Technology 7 & 8

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Resources to support the Ontario Science and Technology curriculum!

  • Focused text structured around Big Ideas and Enduring Understandings
  • Proven, classroom-tested instruction design
  • Engaging and readable text with support for reading comprehension and vocabulary
  • Emphasis on scientific literacy through STSE provides tools to engage students in meaningful contexts and real-world problem solving
  • Manageable, easy-to-teach labs activities

ScienceSource News

We are pleased to announce the latest additions to the Investigating Science and Technology suite:

  • Interactive White Board lessons - in Smart Notebook format, for all DI lessons ( available when you upgrade to ScienceSource PLUS )
  • June 2021 Update - we are very pleased to report all video resources at ScienceSource have been upgraded, Adobe Flash is no longer required. For best results, please use the Google Chrome browser when viewing ScienceSource.