My ScienceSource - Create a User Account

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Step 2 - Enter Your Access Code

To create a user account, a Pearson Education Access Code is required. The Access Code is in the form of a series of letters separated by hyphens, for example: XBSAW-STARK-NUTCH-PLANO-MINOT-SITER.


If you have purchased multiple codes for different levels of ScienceSource access, you must enter your Access Code for ScienceSource BASIC access first.

Once you have established your User Account, you will be able to enter your other Access Codes.

Enter Your Pearson Education Access Code

Type the code exactly as you have received it, all CAPITAL LETTERS and including hyphens.

When you have entered the code, click 'Continue'.

For information on purchasing an access code, visit the ScienceSource Features and Access Options page.

Problems creating a new ScienceSource User Account? Questions? Consult our ScienceSource FAQ page.